Pashmina Large Scarf/Shawl - charcoal
Pashmina Large Scarf/Shawl - charcoal

Pashmina Large Scarf/Shawl - charcoal

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Pashmina is one of the most luxurious and fashionable materials available in the world today. For centuries, garments woven from Pashmina have been adored by the world’s elite. Kashmiri Pashmina is the finest, most exquisite fabric ever made. It has taken centuries of experimentation and refinement to raise this traditional practice of shawl making from a necessity to a unique textile art.

A pashmina shawl can dress up any outfit whether a formal occasion such as a wedding or dinner date or simply used as a summer evening wrap. These shawls can be worn for any event and as an investment piece for your wardrobe, pashminas can’t be beaten. Perfect for the fashion conscious consumer.

Warm and versatile, they can be worn as a scarf with your winter outerwear or as a wrap over your cocktail dress during holiday soirées. Pashmina is a natural insulator that is warm in winter and easy to wear in the summer; a perfect trans-seasonal accessory. A pashmina is huge yet it folds away into nothing and, frankly, there's nothing so chic as travelling light on your holidays.

A beautiful pashmina can easily transform an outfit. Its just a handy accessory, that is also luxurious. Pashminas are such a versatile material, far more so than silk, cotton or any other fabric. Their light weight and portability makes them a useful accessory in the most unusual of situations:

  • Light blanket: Instead of lugging around a heavy blanket, why not carry a wrap instead?
  • Baby wrap: As they are so soft, pashminas can even be used to wrap a baby or as a cover in their pram.
  • Travel pillow: Save space on packing a pillow and use a scarf to rest your weary head on.
  • Covering up: If you're in a country that expects women to cover up in holy places then a scarf is ideal.
  • Swimsuit wrap: The perfect product to tie around your waist on your little seaside adventure.
  • Beautify your living space: Pashminas can add a dash of colour into your living space on chairs, tables and as a decoration.
  • Make-shift umbrella: Useful if a sudden storm threatens your new hairstyle!

Because of the perfect workmanship on both sides, thia pashmina shawl is reversible and can serve a multitude of purposes. It brightens up a boring black outfit, you can wear it as a cover-up for visiting a temple and it keeps you warm on a chilly plane or bus ride. Another great option to keep your cool during the warmer weather is by wearing your brightest pashmina as a vintage-inspired headscarf. It’s such a universal item.