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Carefully sourced Alkaline products to support your alkaline lifestyle.
Nowhere else can you find a wide range of 100% RealPure Alkaline items all in one place.  A wide diversity of hard to get, high quality items brought to you by our dedicated & skilled team. 
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Our Alkaline certification logo is committed to verifying and building sources of alkalinity products as well as educating consumers.  We certify alkaline products as we believe that all consumers have the right to know if their food is alkaline or acid based.
We bring an unparalleled level of experience to the industry with unmatched end user quality.  we are dedicated to ensuring alkaline products pH levels accurately ranges from 7 to 14 on the alkalinity scale through scientific research and detailed analysis. 
We champion the health benefits of alkaline products and are dedicated to spreading their awareness. 
Look for the  (can appear b&w) RealPure certification on high quality pure items for peace of mind when purchasing, knowing that the items are sourced with careful attention. we believe that:

• All consumers have a right to know if the products they purchase are actually alkaline.

• By certifying alkaline products, we have the opportunity to bring transparency to the Alkaline product, food and beverage industry.

• Our certification system supports customers & retailers who produce alkaline products and bring authenticity to their products.

• We establish winning relationships and partnerships with our customers and our retailers, giving our expertise, time and money back to the community 

Our Alkaline Certification logo represents uncompromising ethics and principles, with stringent testing and adherence to the alkaline lifestyle, our products are focused on supporting those who seek wellness through proper nutrition. 

The Alkaline Logo   is the trusted alkaline product certification in the United Kingdom and will expand internationally. loo for this logo when purchasing your alkaline products. Our staff, tools and resources are dedicated to the advancement of alkalinity in modern diets. We work closely with the Herbal & plant based community and food manufacturers in order to provide consumers with the best products available. 


The Alkaline range brought to you by RealPure™.

Alkaline adherence plant based herbal lifestyle.  Essential basic items missing from the high street for too long.  The frustration of not finding suitable products is felt by too many. The high street has become particularly bad in providing specific basic items, which are now impossible to shop for the rare instance one finds something suitable, it will usually be accompanied or covered in something unsuitable for your health and dietary needs.

RealPure provides the high quality alkaline items that everybody needs.  Our products are made for people who remain resolute with their health and diet, and gives them a much needed source. Keep your unique identity and represent yourself, with our support

Based in London, RealPure has become the go to brand for the best Alkaline items 

The Alkaline range by